Acrylic Frames


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Your Urban Garden Prints will do all the talking in this simple acrylic frame. It’s easy to change out artwork with easy screw bolts that mount directly into the wall.  These "frameless" frames feature standoffs that attach to the acrylic floating frame to help hold your prints in place.  Frame includes mounting hardware and easy install instructions.  Art can be displayed vertically or horizontally. All frames come with gold, silver, or black hardware.  Due to the nature of this product, frames will be packaged and shipped separately from prints. 

Sizing is listed as the appropriate print size for each frame. For example, if you purchase an 11x14 print you will select the 11x14 frame size. Each frame allows for a 2" border around each print.

Finished frame sizes are as follows for each print size:

8x10 - 12"x14"

11x14 - 15"x18"

16x20 - 20"x24"

18x24 - 22"x28"

20x24 - 24"x28"

22x28 - 26"x32"

24x36 - 28"x40"

30x40 - 34"x44"

12x12 - 16"x16"

16x16 - 20"x20"

20x20 - 24"x24"


*As necessary, prints purchased with these frames in cart will be sized down 1/4" to remove white border. 

Frames will be shipped within 10-14 business days.

All sales are final.   Frames are available in the US Only.